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Mrs. Ikeolu Biobaku is the CRO (Chief Responsibility Officer) who ably leads the mix and bake team. An Economics graduate of the University of Ibadan,
An Alumnus and graduate of Lagos Business school, Pan-Atlantic University.

She was formally a banker, who resigned from her banking career, to develop and pursue her passion in confectionery, sugar-craft and event decorations and in recent times Ministry work and loads of CSR in her community.

She owns Bakeries and Sugarcraft cake stores in different locations in Nigeria. She owns Baking, Sugarcraft and creative art school where she has churned out more than Ten thousand students , many of them have gone ahead to start their own profitable ventures both within and oustide Nigeria. She partners with two international schools and organisations- The wilton International school of confectionery and sugarart in chicago USA and the Knightsbridge PMEe school in the UK bringing their training to Nigeria where she trains and issues these international schools certificates to students who attend the trainings in Nigeria. She won two awards consecutively in PME UK and she is on their wall of Honour and fame for awarding the highest number of students internationally PME UK Certificates.

She runs a free training empowerment program where men, women & youths are taught the confectionery art absolutely free and Salvation ministered to participants with record number of transformed lives: Spiritually, physically, emotionally & financially.

She is highly committed to making the best use of her talent and what GOD has entrusted unto her, thus over the years, She has honed her skills & knowledge of the confectionery craft with constant training/personal development.

As part of her commitment to “know her craft” She regularly attends the Sugarcraft and Cake Decoration Show globally,e.g. the NEC Birmingham, in the UK, and other sugar craft and cake exhibitions in London & South Africa annually, She also attends ICES (International Cake Exploration Society) conventions & exhibitions in the USA yearly.

Other Institutions she has attended include:

  • New York Institute of Culinary Education, Manhattan.
  • The Wilton School of Cake Decorating-Chicago.
  • Squires Kitchen International School of Cake Decorating in the UK.
  • French pastry school Chicago.
  • Rekivita Emulsifying Systems for Bakery Production and Technological aspects of Bakery in Singapore
  • PME Knightsbridge International School of Cake Decorating and Sugar craft U.K.

She has exhibited and showcased her work in several exhibitions (home and abroad). Having passed through the various stages of development involved in the process of becoming a top cake maker and confectioner, Mrs. Ikeolu Biobaku understands the challenges facing the budding confectionery entrepreneur.
She has therefore, over the years committed herself to doing all she can to help the upcoming ones survive and grow as far as the art and business of cake making is concerned.

In line with this, she, since year 2000 has organized teaching seminars and classes, and since 2005 (April) organized free classes where various aspects of cake baking, cake decorating, sugar craft and events decorating are taught. Thousands of upcoming cake makers and confectioners have since benefited from these classes. In May, 2006, she added the free ‘business classes’ idea to help start-ups in the industry have a grasp of how to run a business.

Mrs. Biobaku, her MIX AND BAKE team, and the free class ministry team successfully organize yearly conventions:

  3. Which comprises of:

    • World class sugar crafters in attendance.
    • Massive cake displays, showcasing new trends in the industry.
    • Cake making and sugar craft tools from around the world.

    She is a member of:

    • The International Cake Exploration Society (ICES), headquartered in USA with branches around the world.
    • British sugar craft guild, England
    • Nigeria sugar craft guild.

    In Nigeria, Mrs. Ikeolu Biobaku has done demonstrations and teaching seminars organized by several organizations

    Ikeolu is happily married to Tunde Biobaku, a successful business man who runs the Lagos based manufacturing and building company, Carat Building products Limited and they are blessed with two lovely children.


Cakes Walk

CAKE WALK: all Turned out to be one of those days where the normal suddenly switches to awesome, becomes a milestone in your diary and gets etched in your heart. I decided to take @mixnbakeng's class and ended up getting much more than what I paid for which was absolutely mind blowing 'cause I paid nothing! It was a wonderful class and awesome time in God's presence… Yea you read that right! God's presence!! How else do you describe an awesome praise & worship session?! Inspiring spirit-filled Word?! Power-packed prayer session & testimonies?!!! I could write 10pages on this 3hour class! But in a Nutshell I'll say this- Beyond the Taste-bud-indulging Cakes we make with great skill and the Awesome works of edible craft wrought by God-gifted hands, there's a place of fulfillment & prosperity for everyone and a God-purpose in the big picture which centre's on adding value & beauty to lives, making the world a better place and proclaiming the awesome, matchless Glory of God. @ikeolupat (God bless her real good) reinforced all that and more in my heart that of other participants.
By the way…We had a taste of the mouth-watering whipped-cream-frosted Rich Chocolate & Red Velvet Cake. + a free PME Lustre spray!

Adesegun Olasumbo

Adesegun Olasumbo: Bless you ma, how was your day? I wanna say a bug thank you for your vision. You helped me actualise my dreams as a cake maker. I didn't have money to attend a catering school but was fortunate to attend free classes every 2nd Tuesdays of every month. This was few years back when you had classes at grammar school bustop. It helped me a lot. I later got admission into Yabatech to study hospitality management. I'm presently with creative cakes now
I'm so happy I was able to attend and I told God my Heart desire during the program. You usually ask this question "5 years from now where would you want to be. I told God to my heart desires. To become a top sugarcrafter. I'm not there yet but God is taking me places already. May God increase you in all areas of life.

Temitope Ogunsulire

Temitope Ogunsulire: I really don't want to bore u with any long tale or note so I'll just go straight to the point. This is basically to appreciate you for your opening up and allowing God to use you especially with the vision you have over mix and bake. Beyond the additional baking skills I add to myself during the free classes, mixnbake has also helped my spiritual growth. I can imagine if there was never free classes or seminars, there will be some cracks with my baking and decoration and also in my spiritual life. Thank you for allowing God use you to fill those cracks. I had a name for my baking business but during the seminar held January this year, exactly when pastor Sam Adeyemi was speaking, God told me to change it and he gave me CWC. Cake with class. Cwc is now registered and has grown well. Ma, thank you for all you have taught me. My prayer is that help will never be far from you whenever you need one, thousand will answer. Beyond all you have prospered with, God bless you ma, God bless mixnbake, God bless your family.

Mrs Biobaku, you are really an inspiration. I know I haven't met you in person or come any closer than occasional chat especially if I want to buy something lol, but seeing how serious, consistent and passionate you are with your art in pictures really tells me you are proud to be a baker and that I should be too even if I am not cooked up somewhere doing a fancy job. Seeing pictures like the one on your dp tells me bakers can be classy and maintain a standard with their art. Still working on my art though. I really would love to meet you in person someday. Just letting you know someone in Calabar really admires you..

Ohaeri Chioma Sandra:Good afternoon ma. My name is Chioma, I just finished my beginner/intermediate course in maryland on thursday 23rd of June 2016 coutersy of u ma. My family and I are really grateful for d scholarship given to me by u on a free class in maryland. May d good lord bless u ma and ur family esp ur kids. From 2day, ur children ll continue to receive favour upon favour, scholarship upon scholarship. Ur family ll not lack, evil ll b far from ur household IJN. Mix'n'Bake ll continue to shine according to Ish 60vs1. From 2day ma, all round good news ll b ur portion IJN AMEN. Remain blessed ma. Good luck and cheers.....!

Will like to use this opportunity to thank you again. For being a great Mentor and a great source of inspiration. I had been baking for 3years before I realised that there were various types of cakes not just the Madeira cake that I knew how to make. I stumbled on Mix n Bake online and decided to take a beginners class from the scratch in 2013. An experience that changed my business entirely. My desire to do better made me come back for the PME class after taking time to save for the class. And today my caking story is different.Aspiring to take after your steps, I started the free class in Kaduna as well as giving a 50% scholarship to aspiring cake makers. I have also been able to be the first baker in Kaduna to organize and host an individual cake show. Your love for God is so encouraging, this has also helped me to use my free class as a platform to dish Christ out to attendees. Thank you so so much Ma. The Lord bless you richly. Am looking forward to learning so much more from you as God grants me grace and opportunity to. Love you so much Ma 😘😘😘😘😘

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Video Highlights of Past Events

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